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What is Condensation?

One of the most common causes of dampness in buildings is “Condensation”. Moisture is always present in the air, even if it cannot be seen. Cooking, heating, showering and drying laundry all increase the moisture levels in homes.

The presence of condensation is often first indicated by the development of mould on walls, ceilings, furniture and even clothes. Condensed water can even go on to cause timber to rot.

Condensation is most problematic during the October to April period, though, it can occur throughout the year.

What causes Condensation?

Water in the form of steam and vapour is created by many everyday activities in the home. Cooking, heating, showering, drying laundry, using bottle gas heaters, even just breathing adds moisture to the air around our home.

The problem of moisture generation is often aggravated by inadequate ventilation. Modern homes with double glazing and draught proofing often limit the ventilation which is essential to avoid condensation. Air needs to flow through and around a property to prevent the build up of excess moisture on areas like external walls or around windows and room corners.

Have you noticed any black mould in your home?

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